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What is your money's worth? This was the big question we had to answer when we first began manufacturing luxury horse trailers and custom horse trailers five decades ago.

We asked ourselves, Should we build a cheap line and try to undersell our competition? Or should we shoot for quality? We finally decided that since we would be dealing with quality people, we would offer them nothing but quality custom horse trailers.

So we chose the best materials available, hired the best craftsmen we could find and spent a lot of time and money in research and experimentation to come up with a custom horse trailer that was second to none.

But it didn't end there. Despite the beating we sometimes take on supposedly "competitive" lines, we are constantly changing and improving our models to fit the needs of every horse owner. Your problems become our problems, because we want every TURNBOW custom trailer owner to be a proud TURNBOW owner.  And, we can build almost any kind of custom trailer that you desire. Our Luxury Horse Trailers are unequalled. We can accomodate any floor plan with features that are not available with other horse trailers. We offer everything from simple packages to luxurious self-contained units.

Turnbow Trailers, horse trailer manufacturers, has long been regarded as the innovator in new designs and ideas. Carl Turnbow has devoted his life to designing and manufacturing a safe, quality custom horse trailer.

Our sales office in Oilton, Oklahoma, is in the heart of horse country and we must live with the people we serve. Not only that, the demand for TURNBOW TRAILERS continues to grow by leaps and bounds all across the nation. Now we know we made the right decision in the beginning and will, consequently, never sacrifice quality for quantity building TURNBOW TRAILERS in the future.

So buy a custom horse trailer with confidence and discover for yourself why those who know, really DO pull a LUXURY TURNBOW!


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Turnbow is a manufacturer of Custom, Living Quarters, and Slant Load Horse Trailers. You will be pleased with any Custom Trailer, Living Quarters Trailer, or Slant Load Horse Trailer from Turnbow.
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Turnbow also manufactures Head To Head, Slant Load, and Thoroughbred Trailers, as well as Aluminum, Side By Side, Versatile, Custom Horse Trailers, Mare and Foal Trailers, and Luxury Horse Trailers. Also offering Horse Trailer Maintenance, Horse Trailer Parts And Services, Horse Trailer Repairs, as well as repairs for Hail Damaged Aluminum Trailers.

Turnbow, Horse Trailer Manufacturers, is pleased to be your Horse Trailer Dealer and provider of Safe, Custom Horse Trailers.  We offer custom medical trailers and equine ambulances.

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